5 content creation tips with Jules

Anthony Jules
Anthony Jules

Content is the name of the game in today’s digital world. Regardless of what platform you decide to use or what medium you decide to create with (audio, written, video) learning how to create content is a major key to success.

Social media, podcasts, YouTube, the search engines, everybody is looking for content to fill their platforms.

Creating content is also one of the biggest challenges for businesses in TT. We are still treating social media as a billboard to showcase a graphic of a product with a price.

We still haven’t grasped that these things no longer work in 2022. Just posting graphics with a price attached and spending money to boost the ads is a great way to burn through cash and not get the results you were hoping for.

So I’ve reached out to one of the top creators in TT, who has been finding success across multiple social media channels with his comedy sketches and has been working with brands to create skits for them that have been doing well, to give us five tips on creating content.

That man is Anthony Jules, aka Jules. Here are his five tips for creating content:

1) Observation

2) Relatable

3) Execution

4) Record different takes

5) Editing


Always observe what is going on around you. This is a great form of market research. Scroll through Facebook, look at the comments, and talk to people: those are typically where the best ideas would come from to create your content.


Take those observations and expand on them. People love content that is relevant, timely and relatable. You don’t always have to try to be funny, because sometimes just being relatable can be funny.

People want to be able to see themselves in the content. If the video is relatable, you are on the right track to a successful video on social media.


Now that we have the chicken and fries, it’s time to add in the ketchup.

Execution is big, but we want the video to be extra. I like to have my videos be direct but extra at the same time. We want to turn those everyday situations into something a little more than just a generic video, so when people are watching, they can laugh.

Record different takes

Have fun, record different takes, different responses, different emotions and different expressions. You want to be able to give yourself some options when you are reviewing the content and deciding during the last phase.


Go through the footage. You are now able to decide which of the takes ultimately work the best and which ones put across your message across the best.

I tend to put my videos on a separate timeline when I have different characters in the skit and I’m listening to see which of the responses or takes stands out to me the most. Once I select which takes I’m going to use, I edit the videos, export, and share them across my socials.

Jules is a VFX enthusiast and content creator whom you can check out on Facebook at Jules Entertainment or @Juu.lles on Instagram and TikTok.

I think the big tip Jules gave that has made him stand out is the relevance of his content and the editing of his videos. His visual effects have added a new dimension to all the content that has just allowed him to stand out from the pack.

Business owners need to take inspiration from all sources. Jules creates a lot of content for businesses and always shows relatable situations for consumers as to how a business product or service can help them.

This is a key takeaway for businesses of something they could start doing internally.

Showing your customers how your product or service can help them in a variety of situations, don’t forget to add some ketchup, as Jules does, to make it a bit over the top, and you are well on your way to creating a successful video on social media.

Remember, people aren’t coming on social media to be hard-sold. They don’t just want to see a picture of your product with a price tag or a listing of your service with a stock image.

The best business content today is a mix of education and entertainment. If you can marry these two attributes, you will start to find more people following your business pages to continue to learn about your industry and business.

Keron Rose is a digital strategist who works with Caribbean entrepreneurs on building their digital presence. To learn more, visit KeronRose.com or check out the Digipreneur FM podcast available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or Google Podcast.


"5 content creation tips with Jules"

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