CariFin Games celebrates 30th anniversary

A broad cross-section of runners at the start of the race. PHOTO COURTESY CARIFIN. -
A broad cross-section of runners at the start of the race. PHOTO COURTESY CARIFIN. -

FRIDAY MAY May 31, 2019 was the last period of the CariFin Games, followed by the global pandemic and the implementation of numerous safety precautions. Given this, and the changing habits towards the pandemic, the Caribbean Financial Institution Games (CariFin Games) with its Survey Sponsor, Resume Writers Limited (TT), commissioned a Financial Sector Employee Survey 2022 (TT) to guide their next steps with their 30th anniversary of the games.

From the survey data collected it was evident that after two years of no CariFin Games, the majority of survey participants were interested in in-person events. Events that traditionally involved enjoying the open air and interaction with colleagues in an environment of Fun, Fitness, and Friendship.

As such, the much anticipated 30th anniversary of the Games will be celebrated with in-person events and will run from September 14 to October 30.

The events will be hosted in and around Port of Spain. From a 1 lap around the Savannah, to a sand track 1 mile, Chancellor Challenge and cross country, all in the Queen’s Park Savannah area and environs with 2 indoor team events (All Fours and Table Tennis) and 2 outdoor team events (football and cricket). The team events will start at 10 am each day and finish at 5 pm.

The organisers have also introduced Mr. CariFin this year after numerous requests from their community and further highlighted in their recent Financial Sector Employee Survey 2022 (TT). CariFin Games is a great way to get staff outdoors, enjoying some physical activity and socialising with colleagues. It is also a great opportunity for businesses to show their support for the local community.

The ‘re-start ’of activities is terrific, even at this time, when traditionally the games would come earlier in the year, but as all ‘re-starting ’at times can be so difficult, it's commendable to just begin!!! The fact that five well known financial institutions and their staff took the time to participate in our survey during January to June 2022 is commendable and shows their individual care for their employees and own well-being.

As the group move forward, driven by data and ensuring the Voice of the Employees are heard, as propelled by Resume Writers Limited with their Survey Management and Sponsorship, they have shared a quote from one of the survey respondents on CariFin Games ~ “...the purpose of the events is to build relations…working and playing face to face.”

Getting this important sector these much needed activities is a move in the right direction and the group welcome all to come out in your numbers to show your support to the employees who worked throughout the pandemic to ensure TT’s access to finance was secure.


"CariFin Games celebrates 30th anniversary"

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