4 additional covid19 deaths, 155 new cases

Image courtesy CDC
Image courtesy CDC

Three elderly men and one elderly woman are the latest people to die from complications associated with the covid19 virus.

The Ministry of Health, in its daily update on Sunday, said all four patients had multiple comorbidities including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, cerebrovascular disease and neurological disease. The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic is 4,132.

The ministry also reported 115 new cases from samples taken between Friday and Saturday. There are now 6,327 active cases with 239 of them in hospital.

At the Couva Hospital and Multi-Training facility, there are 90 patients – six in the intensive care unit and four in the high dependency unit. At Caura Hospital there are 48 patients, 41 at Augustus Long in Point-a-Pierre, 22 at the Arima General Hospital, 14 at the Scarborough Regional Hospital (Fort) and one and the Scarborough General Hospital (Signal Hill).

Some 17 people have been discharged from public health facilities, and there have been 257 recovered community cases. These refer to people who were previously covid19 positive and in self isolation at home, and subsequently met the discharge criteria.


"4 additional covid19 deaths, 155 new cases"

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