Why women’s groups silent on attack on Clarke-Rowley?

Sharon Clarke-Rowley - ANGELO_MARCELLE
Sharon Clarke-Rowley - ANGELO_MARCELLE

THE EDITOR: The Hindu Women's Organisation has taken a highly moral stand in its condemnation of the recent despicable attack on Sharon Clarke-Rowley. It deserves strong support and the approbation of all. It is especially to be lauded since we live in a society where opinions by those in leadership positions tend to be skewed by political and racial allegiances.

None of our women should be exposed to such a base and scurrilous attack. This is a time when there is supposed to be a heightened consciousness of respect for our women and girls. How can someone who sits in one of our Houses of Parliament be so crude and insensitive? How can any political leader, let alone a woman, not speak on this issue and by her silence seem to condone it? Where are the voices of Jearlean John and Khadijah Ameen?

I have been concerned, as well, at the absence of any condemnation of this foul-mouthed, obscene statement by any of the other women's organisations. Naturally, the PNM Women's League has spoken out. But this is not a matter that only concerns PNM women. Other women’s organisations have scrambled to protest against the killing of the Japanese pannist; rightfully so. They have been loud in speaking out against the plethora of domestic violence attacks and murder of our women; rightfully so. They have rallied in support of the movement against trafficking and exploitation of migrant women; rightfully so.

What of Clarke-Rowley? Is she not a woman, a mother, a grandmother? None can deny that she carries herself with poise and dignity. Does being the wife of the Prime Minister mean she is fair game to be disrespected?

Thank you, Hindu Women's Organisation. You take shame out the face of the women's movement!


San Juan


"Why women’s groups silent on attack on Clarke-Rowley?"

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