AG, you to blame for any fireworks harm

THE EDITOR: Open letter to the Attorney General.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, fireworks are disbursed from barges a mile offshore. Fireworks displays that are so grand that cruise ships even include overnight stops in Sao Paulo for their passengers to witness the spectacle. And the sounds don't impact the city.

Brazil is the second largest manufacturer of fireworks in the world yet fireworks that generate noise or contain over 0.25 grams of gunpowder are not permitted unless authorised for specific events. You, on the other hand, prefer the street spectacle. This is the difference between the people who have the intellect to think and find the solution that adds value (in this case port earnings and tourism) rather than simply cause harm.

If your office consulted with the stakeholders as promised and as it ought to do as a representative of the people, instead of simply dismissing them, national solutions of which citizens could be truly proud and which will truly propel the nation forward will result.

Instead we remain stuck in an abyss from which there seems no escape. You carry on your shoulders on this 60th anniversary of independence, as a result of failing to enact legislation that promotes responsible use of fireworks, responsibility for any deaths, hurt or destruction caused by the fireworks.


Fireworks Action

Coalition of T&T


"AG, you to blame for any fireworks harm"

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