Minister halts building in Adam Smith Square

Adam Smith Square, Woodbrook, - Photo by Roger Jacob
Adam Smith Square, Woodbrook, - Photo by Roger Jacob

Housing and Urban Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis has halted work on a police post and toilets being built in Adam Smith Square, after a group of Woodbrook residents complained.

In a release, the minister said she had noted their concerns, “despite having already held five consultations with stakeholders on the Ariapita Avenue and Woodbrook revitalisation works...It is clear that we need to have further consultations as there still seems to be some misunderstandings, particularly in relation to the proposed works for Adam Smith Square.”

She said another meeting would be arranged between the residents and Tourism, Culture and the Arts Minister Randall Mitchell, Port of Spain South MP Keith Scotland, and Udecott to discuss and alleviate the concerns.

“I have therefore asked for these works to be halted pending this meeting."But in the meantime, she said, "upgrade works" to the pavements, lighting and "general streetscape would continue.

Robinson-Regis said she had discussed the plans for the upgrade and Ariapita Avenue and some areas of Woodbrook with her colleagues before the plan ws developed.

Concerned citizens who objected to the police post and toilets in Adam Smith Square started a petition calling on government to keep the space a green one. It had over 1,700 signatures on Friday.


"Minister halts building in Adam Smith Square"

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