Pedestrian crossings on Wrightson Road to be removed

Stock photo via Pexels.
Stock photo via Pexels.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, the Ministry of Works and Transport announced that the pedestrian crossings at Dock Road, Port of Spain, and the intersection of the wig-wag lights between London Street and Dock Road, Port of Spain will be permanently removed from August 20.

The release said the closures would allow for improved mobility and safety for pedestrians and drivers along Wrightson Road.

The ministry reminded the public of the water taxi pedestrian bridge 170 metres west of Dock Road, which was designed to reduce the incidents of road conflicts where pedestrians were required to cross six lanes of highly congested roadway that also carry a high volume of freight vehicles.

The release said the pedestrian bridge has reduced travel times along Wrightson Road. In light of that, the ministry asks pedestrians to use the overpass and observe all appropriate signs and barriers in the area.


"Pedestrian crossings on Wrightson Road to be removed"

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