Man gunned down in South Oropouche trying to get back car

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File photo

A car rental owner was shot and killed early on Monday in South Oropouche where he went to pick up one of his cars from a customer.

Dwayne Reid, 42, of San Fernando, died on the spot at Mitchell Street in South Oropouche at around 1.30 am.

A police report said Reid and a 29-year-old friend from South Oropouche had gone to collect a gold Nissan Tiida car.

On reaching Mitchell Street, Reid got out and walked down a road. Moments later, he returned, driving the gold car.

In the dark, a male voice shouted, "Where yuh going with that car?"

Several gunshots were fired, and the friend drove off and called the police.

The police found the Tiida crashed on the roadside with Reid's body in the driver's seat slumped across the front passenger seat.

No one has been arrested.

Homicide Bureau Region II and South Western Division police are investigating.


"Man gunned down in South Oropouche trying to get back car"

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