Car thief killed in Morvant 

Gamal Waldron
Gamal Waldron

The man who allegedly stole an SUV from outside the Besson Street Police Station four years ago was murdered in Morvant on Saturday night.

Police reported that at about 10 pm Gamal Waldron, 41, was with a group of friends at Cottoy Trace, Chinapoo Gardens, when he was killed. Police said residents reported hearing gunshots and later found Waldron's body.

Gamal Waldron

Waldron, of Buller Trace, Pashley Street, Laventille, was charged in 2018 with stealing a Kia SUV belonging to Khamal Georges, then a journalist with CNC3, from outside the police station.

On August 9, 2018 Georges was robbed of his SUV at gunpoint outside his St James home. Hours later it was found at Bath Street, Laventille. From there it was taken to the station.

While it was parked there, Waldron allegedly arrived with keys to the SUV and drove off in it.

At the scene of Waldron’s killing police found 35 spent shells, including ten bearing the marking TTR, which police say belong to the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment.

Five 40-calibre casings and 16 9mm spent shells were also found. The other four were too deformed to recognise police said.


"Car thief killed in Morvant "

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