Sport heroes show their mettle at the games

Jereem Richards
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Jereem Richards AP Photo -

THE EDITOR: Congratulations to our sport heroes Nicholas Paul, Jereem Richards, Machel Cedenio, Asa Guevara and Dwight St Hillaire for their sterling contributions at the Commonwealth Games.

Our hard working, disciplined athletics have long thrown off the negative mental shackles that would have kept them back in life. They train long hours, eat right and exercise in their chosen sport to be great men. They have set themselves free.

These heroes are examples to the world, and especially to TT where so many want to hold themselves back saying "we poor." If they want a dollar they just run by West Mall to clean a few vehicle windshields. That is their day's work. They are also the first to arrive at an accident or some other disturbance as they are not going to school or to a job.

No one living in the world today was born a slave. Remember our history yes, but make sure we give our best daily to raise our families to a better way of life by going to school and getting a daily job. TT cannot afford $7.5 million to celebrate our 60th independence anniversary. Instead, spend that money to fix the roads, as we can fete any day in TT.

Millions of Jews went to the gas chambers. In Rome's Colosseum, white people were killed under the wheels of the chariots and others were fed to the tigers while the crowds cheered. The history of slavery is regrettable and very wrong but those countries that were responsible for such savagery are not able to pay today for those atrocities of the past.

Emancipation on this 60th independence anniversary means pay all your bills to the Government for housing, water and electricity, otherwise turn off the water and electricity, then throw whomever out.


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"Sport heroes show their mettle at the games"

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