Some recommendations for the budget

The Red House.  File photo/Jeff Mayers
The Red House. File photo/Jeff Mayers

THE EDITOR: Let’s prepare for the budget. Here are my recommendations:

1. No new cars for government personnel until 2025. Invest in repairs and training for mechanics to expand the industry.

2. Salaries of all MPs, senators, Speaker of House, President of Senate, President to be reduced by ten per cent.

3. No multiple board appointments. Change all current appointees and instead assign one board appointment per government supporter. List to be published.

4. Institute a quota for vehicle importation. All companies that import vehicles, either new or used, will be subject to quota. If the country imports 100,000 vehicles a year, this must be split among all the companies.

5. Improve online tax collections. Improve online payments to all government fees and taxes, including fines and penalties.

6. Something is not right with vehicle inspection stations. Their work schedule is erratic and customers are left going from site to site to have their vehicle inspected. If there is a shortage of trained people, train more.


St Joseph


"Some recommendations for the budget"

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