Cool it over there, Farley

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine - David Reid
THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine - David Reid

THE EDITOR: Is Chief Secretary of the THA Farley Augustine living a fairy tale life?

Within recent times he has been commenting and taking actions as if Tobago is not still a part of TT. He seems to have forgotten that the bulk of his finances comes from Trinidad and now operates as an emperor on the island.

His recent foray into setting up a ferry service between Tobago and Grenada, without any regard to the Port Authority of TT, is indeed a frightening excursion.

Perhaps equally worrisome is paying for and seeking the expertise of Grenada in assisting his Carnival, oblivious to the fact that Trinidad is the home of Carnival and the steelpan. He must also recognise and appreciate that most Tobago tourists come from Trinidad. He must be careful he does not alienate his neighbours.

His comments on CAL and the airbridge do not really deserve comment as he clearly does not understand that an airline does not operate as a taxi waiting for passengers.

Farley should indeed access the app Grammarly to assist in grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence construction instead of trying to justify consultancy fees for his budget documents.

Someone needs to pull him aside and tell him to cool it before he bites off more than he can chew.


San Fernando


"Cool it over there, Farley"

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