$7.5m to party and we happy

THE EDITOR: Thanks so much to our wonderful Cabinet for deciding to spend $7.5 million for us to party for independence. Of course those ministers know we would much rather party than get groceries at lower prices to feed our families. Who needs food at reasonable prices anyway? After we party everybody feels good.

Why should they get computers and tablets for our students? What good is a computer when you can’t afford school uniforms and shoes? Just take the children to all the celebrations, give them a sno cone and party. After the celebrations they will be tired and forget about schoolwork.

Why should the Government spend money to buy medicines for the people? After one batch of medicines they will need another batch next month. Everybody parties and all bad feelings will go away.

Of course I don’t think the Government had any of these thoughts. It comprises all good and honourable men and women, who maybe just recused themselves from making decisions.


St Joseph


"$7.5m to party and we happy"

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