Whose bright idea was this?

THE EDITOR: Prada Street in St Clair is very short (less than 400m), it is very sparsely populated (only three residences face the street), has no pedestrian traffic to speak of, and very light vehicular traffic.

In spite of this, some "sparkling intellect" in his infinite wisdom decided that this quiet street was in need of speed bumps. Result? Six speed bumps were constructed in this short street.

If this was a government project, it was an obscene waste of resources. If it was not, but was undertaken by a private citizen, it was a display of stunning arrogance and sense of entitlement. This we cannot, we must not tolerate.

If this work was authorised, the person who did so should be severely reprimanded for inconveniencing the public. If, however, it was not authorised, these irritating and unnecessary impediments should be removed.




"Whose bright idea was this?"

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