Greedy People going to SAPA

A scene from Greedy People which will be staged at SAPA this weekend. -
A scene from Greedy People which will be staged at SAPA this weekend. -

Greedy People will head to the Southern Academy of the Performing Arts (SAPA), San Fernando, on August 13-14 following its premiere last weekend at the Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain.

The opening buzzed with energy both on stage and off, and there was fantastic applause as well as positive comments from patrons as they left the venue, a media release said.

This hilarious play written by Ricardo Samuel, the playwright who created Ladies' Room, takes a look at a deteriorating marriage where a rich businessman runs the risk of losing a substantial part of his assets in divorce proceedings with the proviso that the wife won't get anything if she is unfaithful.

Ingrid, a protective co-worker of the businessman, who together with an eccentric private investigator, must get to the bottom of who is trying to rip off the business and determine if in fact there is a conspiracy. The twists and turns lead to a hilarious conclusion as people go through great lengths to do anything for money, the release said.

Greedy People is directed by acclaimed directors Debra Boucaud Mason and Richard Ragoobarsingh and showcases some of the most talented actors in TT. The cast features, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Cecilia Salazar, Ria Ali, Corinne Browne Carmichael, Saul Ramlal and Andrew Friday

Tickets are available at advertised outlets and the SAPA box office from 12 pm-6 pm and can also be purchased online.


"Greedy People going to SAPA"

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