Clarke-Rowley a woman of class, integrity

Sharon Clarke-Rowley - ANGELO_MARCELLE
Sharon Clarke-Rowley - ANGELO_MARCELLE

THE EDITOR: En ToTo, as a 16-year-old NGO, takes very seriously its mandate of producing – through youth empowerment and youth development interventions – cohorts of leaders and professionals who will embrace its motto of “It's OK To Do Right!”

In that regard, we are extremely selective about the relationships (business and otherwise) that we form and the calibre of individuals we invite into our space, more so as we are mindful of external influences and their ultimate impact on the psyche of the nation's youth.

In 2016, En ToTo, having been in search of a patron for several years, decided to invite Sharon Clarke-Rowley (wife of the Prime Minister) to fill the position, and she graciously accepted.

As a public figure, Clarke-Rowley sufficiently impressed the En ToTo management team as being a “best-fit” for a role-model patroness for the young, impressionable minds of our members.

We are pleased to say that, over the years, she has unfailingly performed in the said role of patroness with a quiet determination and dignity.

A woman of class and integrity, apart from being an inspiration, Clarke-Rowley continues to impress and impact both our youth membership and their parents with her humility, caring and concern for all, as well as her selflessness and unswerving steadfastness to ensure the well-being of not only the En ToTo family of students and parents, but all citizens of this beloved country.

Having become aware of the very recent distasteful attack on Clarke-Rowley's character by an individual who holds high public office, we of En ToTo are even more emboldened and encouraged to fulfil our mandate in producing leaders who will not resort to language and behaviour that is fit only for the gutter, but instead will model the behaviour of our patroness who refuses to descend to that level which is devoid of any positive substance.

We therefore embrace this opportunity to publicly reaffirm our relationship with Clarke-Rowley and confirm our selection of her to the role of En ToTo's patroness.


president, on behalf of the

management of En ToTo


"Clarke-Rowley a woman of class, integrity"

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