Finding patriotism andlove for your country

Housing and Urban Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis speaks about the Government's plans to celebrate the 60th anniversary of independence. - Angelo Marcelle
Housing and Urban Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis speaks about the Government's plans to celebrate the 60th anniversary of independence. - Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: I have observed that the Government has allocated funds for commemorating our 60th year of independence with a month-long schedule of activities. While many would support and understand this initiative, from the comments I have seen some people seem to be oblivious to the importance of celebrating our independence.

While I agree that due to the pandemic finances had been a bit tight, we have to have a balance in spending and I believe the small allocation of $7.5 million for a month of activities is value for money. People will be employed and citizens would be encouraged to find their patriotism and love for their country.

Ignore the noise from those who say the sum is too large. Remind them that in 2010 the then government spent $5 million on an album called Going for Gold to be produced for independence that year. A fund was supposed to be created out of its sales to assist artists and musicians. The album was released months later and I wonder how many artists benefitted from its sales.

A LiveJournal author wrote that independence means freedom from the control, influence, support, or the like, of others as defined in the dictionary. An independent nation has the power to rule and it can make its own laws and decisions, basically function on its own without interference from other countries.

The citizens of an independent country have rights and, for democratic countries like ours, the power to choose their leaders. Independent countries are united, organised and have a single government recognised by all. A country is also given its own set of rights once its independence is recognised.

Having independence is important in order for a country and its people to develop. We should not take our independence for granted, instead we must unite and defend our independence as a nation.

In order to survive modern-day society, we must be independent. Since the world is advancing rapidly, especially in terms of technology, we must learn to adapt on our own. We can’t just depend on others because of the rise and fall of the economy. Nothing is stable, we must learn to make a living and survive by ourselves.

We must be able to support ourselves without anyone’s help and make right decisions on our own. We should be independent so that we will not be a burden on others and so that we won’t have to rely on other nations totally. Though having independence doesn’t mean you can’t rely on others or follow what others tell you to do.

We also shouldn’t abuse our independence nor take it for granted, for being independent is a blessing and also a responsibility.

We complain about quite a lot and in some cases rightly so. However, everyone in the world is facing difficult times, not just us. As a matter of fact, I am currently in the United States for a short period and I can tell you that basic essentials here cost more than what I pay in Trinidad. There's no free medical care and most college graduates are in tertiary debt before even entering the world of work.

We the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are strong, we are resilient and if we do our little part we will overcome any difficulties. Let’s see the good in ourselves, in others and in our country.

Happy independence, TT.


San Fernando


"Finding patriotism andlove for your country"

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