Change Golden Grove Road to Eutrice Huggins Boulevard

THE EDITOR: The Cabinet has appointed a national committee to report on the placement of statues and monuments honouring historical figures and after whom streets and sites have been named, such as past governors. For example, Thomas Picton, Ralph Woodford and others who our slave masters sent to govern Trinidad and Tobago.

I recommend to the committee that Golden Grove Road in Arouca be changed to Eutrice Huggins Boulevard all the way to Piarco Airport.

The name Eutrice Huggins rings a bell in the minds of many residents of Arouca, Tunapuna, Pasea, El Dorado, Lopinot, Red Hill, D’Abadie, Five Rivers, Cane Farm, Kandahar, Trincity, St Helena, Tacarigua and also members of the Ethiopia Church on Golden Grove Road, Arouca, and all those others who remember the work she did in those communities.

She was the first councillor for Arouca when Dr Eric Williams and the PNM government decided to split St George County into two and established the St George East County Council in 1959. She eventually became the first woman chairman in TT.

She was born in Arouca on Albert Street in 1918 and gave all of her time and efforts in developing the whole of St George East County. One of her major accomplishments was to get T&TEC to put lights in the mountains of Lopinot and for Pasea Village, Tunapuna, to get water. All roads in St George East were created under her chairmanship.

She was a great leader and inspired residents to be productive and comfortable in the space of St George East County.

In the circumstances, the residents of Arouca would be happy if the committee renames Golden Grove Road after her. Let’s give some respect to her for the work she has done in St George East County. Remember, Arouca is the main gateway to TT.

If the committee needs more information on our recommendation, I can be reached at 296-3087.




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"Change Golden Grove Road to Eutrice Huggins Boulevard"

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