Near-empty planes won’t fly into sky

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine -
THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine -

THE EDITOR: The Tobago House of Assembly people appear not to understand the difference between a taxi and a plane. The taxi driver is never going to leave the street corner with just one passenger. Whether it is in a maxi-taxi or normal or four-passenger taxi, you wait until the vehicle is full. Tough if a passenger is in a hurry.

I recently read this sign in a taxi: If you are in a hurry, leave home early: I am not a pilot. But then, pilots also cannot be expected to fly into the sky with only a handful of passengers. Almost-empty planes are seriously expensive business.

The Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly needs to understand that CAL, like the rest of the world airlines, must take profit margins into account. What is the point of increasing flights to Tobago when you cannot guarantee being always full like on public holidays?

You cannot sit on a plane playing with your cell phone or reading papers until passengers are in the mood to come on board.

So, one day the plane is full and another day you have a handful of passengers. How many local or foreign business passengers plan arrivals to Tobago for 2 am? To go where? To do what?


Diego Martin


"Near-empty planes won’t fly into sky"

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