Trinidad and Tobago bike mechanic Tinto praised for Caribbean spirit at Commonwealth Games

TTCF Commonwealth Games mechanic Kevin Tinto.
TTCF Commonwealth Games mechanic Kevin Tinto.

Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation (TTCF) Commonwealth Games mechanic Kevin Tinto has come in for high praise from the Anguilla Amateur Cycling Association for assisting one of their riders mere minutes before Sunday’s road race in Birmingham, England.

President of the Anguilla fraternity Sharon Lowe showered praise on Tinto for fixing Hasani Hennis’s bike handle ahead of his historic performance. Hennis went on to place 70th in the race and in the process, became the first Anguillan to complete the lengthy course.

Before Tinto’s timely intervention, Cycling Federation of Belize’s Calman Williams tried for over two hours to repair the handle , but was unsuccessful.

Lowe was grateful for Tinto’s assistance. Had he not stepped in, Hennis would have had to pull out of the race.

She posted to Facebook on Sunday, “I must say much love, appreciation and respect go out to Kevin Tinto (bike specialist) of TTCF. Person tried about two hours to solve it without success.

She said Tinto saw the struggle, got his toolbox and solved the problem "in less than 30 minutes, and about 25 minutes before race time."

Until then, she said, "We were all a bit stressed and nervous as it looked like Hasani was not going to be able to ride.

“You could imagine what state of mind Hasani was in. Words can't say how appreciative I am and it shows that Tinto is truly a bike specialist, bike boss, bike everything.”

“Hasani went on to finish the race, and be the first ever cyclist from Anguilla to do so. We owe much gratitude to Kevin Tinto (I'd never forget this name). This is another reason, why I'd forever love my Caribbean Cycling people.”

Lowe also thanked Williams for his attempts.

TTCF president Rowena Williams commented on the post: “Anguilla, on behalf of TTCF I say much love and thanks for the recognition. I am sure Kevin was happy to assist. We are all here to help each other. Congrats to your cyclist for completing the event.”


"Trinidad and Tobago bike mechanic Tinto praised for Caribbean spirit at Commonwealth Games"

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