Country in need ofa grassroots govt

Justice Frank Seepersad - Jada Loutoo
Justice Frank Seepersad - Jada Loutoo

THE EDITOR: Despite our constitution that proudly proclaims us to be a unitary state under the democratic principles of the Westminster parliamentary model, the Government has expressed support for authoritarian regimes. First it was Cuba, then Venezuela, and now it is the Chinese government.

Whatever happened to the professed hands-off policy of non-involvement with other nations we claim to uphold? Was that only conveniently stated when the United States asked for our support on matters related to Cuba, Venezuela and China? And yet, when the chips are down, who do we run to for assistance, and they willingly provided it when the pandemic struck? Wasn’t it the Americans?

Then there is the recently concluded case against the independence of the press by the State where Justice Frank Seepersad ruled that the State illegally obtained search warrants for information from editor-in-chief Omatie Lyder and reporter Denyse Renne at the Express House.

Has the ruling PNM become so paranoid that it must strike at the constitutionally protected press to protect its interests? However, the State’s lawyers must have seen their case’s idiocy, so they withdrew their appeal.

The Constitution and the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago need to be protected from this PNM government that seems hell-bent on becoming an authoritarian entity in the pattern of its friends in the nations it supports.

Are we going to end up like Cuba, isolated from the rest of the free world for generations while our people yearn for better days?

Or will we become like Venezuela with its vast oil reserves, but its people fleeing to nearby countries to beg for asylum?

What about China’s authoritarian regime, where the people must buckle down under communist rule with a one-party socialist government?

These are all unacceptable options for us here in TT.

With the next general election, we must choose wisely if we are ever free of this situation that now burdens us. The PNM has failed the nation. So has the UNC. They are both controlled by wealthy, aging oligarchs. We need a party of the grassroots – of the people. May I suggest the Justice & Freedom Party, where oligarchs are not welcome?

My friend, Mark, emphatically states: Those who don’t know will know!


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"Country in need ofa grassroots govt"

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