Local government reform and WeCleanTT a success

Local Government and Rural Development Minister Faris Al-Rawi. - Photo by Angelo Marcelle
Local Government and Rural Development Minister Faris Al-Rawi. - Photo by Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: The Local Government Reform Bill was passed and such recognition of our first responders is a propitious sign. Added to that the WeCleanTT campaign was a success.

This design for political oversight is important to co-ordinate programmes and administrative functions tailored for each municipality. All are coupled to observe the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, synchronously apposite to our cultural jurisprudence. Reform, therefore, sets the tone for greater organisational planning and execution of deliverables to meet the needs of local communities.

Aldermen/councillors are incisive and key players in local economic development strategies. They target resources and services to attend to poverty-stricken areas, build resilience for communities against natural disasters, advocate for the rights and protections of underprivileged groups, regulate safe environmental policies and practices, co-ordinate spatial planning, promote sensitisation programmes and projects for impact, increase community-based participation and foster relationships among civil, public and private bodies to succeed at nation-building.

Reform strengthens implementation and improves capacity building. Acknowledging the roles and responsibilities of local government practitioners should expose the narratives about the arduous, painstaking but rewarding moments of great sacrifice to meet the needs of thousands of burgesses, which should not be taken lightly as the role weighs heavily.

With that said, congratulations are in order to the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Faris Al-Rawi, and the Government on achieving these milestones. All are warmly welcomed.


Port of Spain


"Local government reform and WeCleanTT a success"

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