Autopsy reveals no foul play in Tobago baby's death

Six people were in the firetruck and were taken to the Scarborough General Hospital for treatment.
Six people were in the firetruck and were taken to the Scarborough General Hospital for treatment.

Tobago police said an autopsy on a three-month-old baby, who arrived dead at the Scarborough General Hospital from a Carnbee daycare on July 26, showed no foul play was involved.

The autopsy was done on Thursday at the Scarborough mortuary.

Police were notified about the baby's death three days after the incident.

The baby's mother told Newsday she had dropped off her child at the daycare and headed to work. During the day, the babysitter alerted her of an emergency and told her she would take the child to the hospital.

When the mother arrived, doctors were trying to resuscitate the baby, but they were unsuccessful.

Snr Supt Junior Benjamin told Newsday that he was concerned and disturbed over the communication gap between health officials and police in this matter.

On July 30 police launched an investigation and interviewed the babysitter and the mother of the child.

Earlier this week, the baby's family raised concerns about the length of time before an autopsy.

Tobago Regional Health Authority CEO Simon Wiltshire told Newsday last Tuesday that the authority would do an independent investigation into the communication-gap issue.

Since then, hospital staff has acknowledged and apologised to the police.

Benjamin told Newsday on Thursday that investigators will submit a report with a copy of the autopsy results and the matter will be closed.

He said, “I spoke to the CMOH (County Medical Officer of Health) about it and we talked about ways and means how we can solve that. She apologised and echoed sentiments that it was a breakdown in communication.

"This is a one-off situation, I won’t deem it as something that cannot be fixed. I look forward with good intention to strengthening our cordial relationship with the authority. They were reminded of the protocol and what is expected.”


"Autopsy reveals no foul play in Tobago baby’s death"

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