Rethink that proposal for Ariapita Ave

Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez - Angelo Marcelle
Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez - Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: Open letter to Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez.

I would really like to know the criteria for your proposed plan to improve Ariapita Avenue. While it will benefit many financially, what about the inconvenience of residents, Mr Mayor? We don’t matter?

Ariapita Avenue is a busy essential main road. Does that not matter?

There is a proposal to build two car parks on each end of the Avenue, one by Belle Smythe Street. Exactly where, Mr Mayor? By the school at the corner or on the river bank opposite the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) centre? That is a main traffic artery for entering and leaving Woodbrook west. You plan to put a car park there?

Then your police station plan in Adam Smith Square will certainly deface a historical green space and create havoc. I’m not even going to mention the close proximity of the current Woodbrook Police Station. Maybe it’s not close enough.

It’s almost as if you’re expecting the police to be busy enough to respond rapidly. That’s not a good sign.

While I’m in favour of development, you need to rethink your plan, Mr Mayor.




"Rethink that proposal for Ariapita Ave"

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