Clico Investment Fund assets go up to $6.33b in June

The Clico Investment Fund’s assets have increased by more than $4.5 million in June, bringing its total assets to $6.33 billion.

In March its assets stood at $6.29 billion.

The increase was noted in the investment fund’s unaudited statements for the quarter ended June 30, released on Wednesday.

The statement also noted that net assets value per unit increased by $0.24, from $30.77 in 2020 to $31.01 in June.

For the quarter ended June 30 2022 the Republic Financial Holdings Ltd share price increased from $141.00 to $141.01. This resulted in an unrealised gain of $0.4 million.

The fund was established on October 31, 2012 as a close-ended mutual fund. The fund intends to hold the initial assets and public shares from Republic Bank Financial Holdings (RFHL) for a period of ten years.


"Clico Investment Fund assets go up to $6.33b in June"

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