TTFF/22 to highlight Lovelace's art

Che Lovelace  -
Che Lovelace -

FILMCO has announced this year’s TT Film Festival (TTFF) artist is painter Che Lovelace. Lovelace’s work will be featured on the TTFF/22 poster, printed guide, buttons and festival signage.

His vivid representations of the life, culture and landscape of Trinidad and Tobago demonstrate an intimate knowledge of – and passion for – the country which is celebrated every year during the festival, a media release said.

In previous years, the festival has worked with visual artists Christopher Cozier, Eddie Bowen, Peter Doig, Sheena Rose, Mark King, Sabrina Charran and Di-Andre Caprice Davis.

Lovelace's 2018 painting, Head of a Girl, is the official work of TTFF/22.

In a recent interview, he said, "I am constantly fascinated and drawn to human beings, and of course as this is the place where I am and know, people here are always intriguing to me.

"I look at all the nuances of gestures and attitude of a person. Even at a glance, so much is transmitted, so much is felt. With this painting, I wanted it to feel like you were just glancing at someone, but in that instant, the emotion, mood and quality of a gesture are immediately conveyed… Ultimately, maybe (the painting) asks the viewer to commit more to knowing this person."


"TTFF/22 to highlight Lovelace's art"

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