Ro’dey and mom tell amazing stories of Trinidad and Tobago’s kids

Comedian and entertainer Rodell
Comedian and entertainer Rodell "Ro'dey" Cumberbatch will host the upcoming TV series, Kids So Amazing, which will air on CNC3 from August 4.

Sharon Cumberbatch wants to create a sense of positivity among Trinidad and Tobago’s youth. She hopes the soon-to-be-aired will help do that.

Cumberbatch is the mother of comedian, entertainer and actor Rodell “Ro’dey” Cumberbatch.

Kids So Amazing is a production of Ro’dey Entertainment Ltd and Star Global Productions Ltd in Chaguanas. Ro’dey Entertainment Ltd, Woodbrook, was registered in 2019.

The show will feature the talents of children aged three-13. Ro’dey will interview the children before inviting them to perform in the 30-minute-long show.

In the TV show, Kids So Amazing, Ro'dey will lightly interview children and then invite them to perform. 

His “momager” said Kids So Amazing – which airs on CNC3 from this Thursday – was inspired by US comedian Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots. Harvey’s show invites some of the world’s most talented children to show their abilities. It first aired in 2016.

When Cumberbatch came up with her idea she felt TT had so many talented kids who should be in the spotlight.

This coupled with Ro’dey’s skill as an entertainer would make for great content, she said.

She came up with the idea early 2019, but the pandemic pushed it into production.

As they slowly began to climb out of the pandemic pit, there was a lot of negative stories about children. There was one thing after another: child abuse at children’s homes, indiscipline in schools and SEA results, she said.

“That was very depressing, and I said, ‘Look we have to do this thing. We have to put a positive message out. We have talented children and we need to inspire those that are watching.'”

The idea was pitched to CNC3 and the network was excited about it, Cumberbatch added.

One of the young performers on the upcoming Kids So Amazing TV show hosted by comedian and entertainer Ro'dey. 

Ro’dey Entertainment Ltd and Star Global Production got together and did a pilot programme.

Sponsors were then approached but there was not an overwhelming response, she said.

Despite this, Cumberbatch took the decision to go ahead.

Like Harvey, she wanted to give the children a grand stage to showcase their talent and so they chose Queen’s Hall.

“I did not want a small studio and the children behind a green screen. No! I wanted the real thing because these children deserve it."

The company worked with actress and director Penelope Spencer as its casting director.

“We auditioned over 30 children. We had a short space of time to work with. When the show got the approval to move forward, we had to do the production in two days.”

The pilot was done in May and the station gave the company the green light in early July. Eight episodes were made for its August airing.

Cumberbatch was also certain she did not want a competitive element. Her vision is to display the talent of all children, whether they are young farmers, authors or gymnasts.

Sharon Cumberbatch is Kids So Amazing's creator and producer. She is also Ro'dey's "momager." 

“I want to include any child, if you’re good at science, math, and spelling. Anything. You could shoot hoops.

"That is why I took the competition element out of it. If you have a competition, you’d have to limit the number of children. I always want the children to be relaxed, just display their talent and inspire those watching."

She hopes the show will reduce negative images and attitudes among young people. Understanding that TT’s children – like others around the globe – are heavily influenced by today’s digital technologies, the show has a strong social media presence.

YouTube and Tik Tok play heavily into the content being shown by Kids So Amazing, she said. A YouTube channel has been created where the children can watch repeat episodes.

The sponsor, KFC, produced content for Tik Tok.

The show aims to inspire parents as well. Interviews were also done with some of the participants' parents.

“With that, parents watching on will say, ‘This parent can do it, why can’t I do it with my kid?’”

The National Gas Company's (NGC) TT Sweet Tassa Academy will make an appearance on Kids So Amazing. 

It also highlights coaches, such as vocal or dance coaches, whom parents can contact to sharpen the skill of their children.

Requests from parents after the production of the episodes have also opened another door for the Cumberbatches, leading them to consider starting a talent management company.

Cumberbatch thinks more shows like this are needed.

“We do a lot of talking in TT but what we need is action.

“This is our future. So we need to nurture it. Every TV station should have a show like this.”

As the show develops, Cumberbatch wants to highlight the talent of children from throughout the region as well.

You can be sure that Ro’dey’s character Malakai will make an appearance – not on the show itself, but you can look forward to hearing Malakai telling Apples, in a radio ad, that he wants to be on the show because he is, of course, amazing.

The show will air on Thursdays and Saturdays.

“It is a fun, family show,” Cumberbatch said.


"Ro’dey and mom tell amazing stories of Trinidad and Tobago’s kids"

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