Autopsies on Las Cuevas couple await covid test results

Hollis Valdez and Shereen Bailey-Valdez
Hollis Valdez and Shereen Bailey-Valdez

AUTOPSIES on the bodies of the couple murdered in Las Cuevas last week were not done on Wednesday because the covid19 tests results were not returned in time.

Before autopsies are done, all bodies must be tested for covid19.

Newsday was told that the results for several bodies were not received on time on Wednesday to facilitate any autopsies.

The results were returned late Wednesday afternoon and autopsies will resume on Thursday .

Newsday was told relatives of some people killed over the weekend were upset by this delay, but eventually understood and will return later for the autopsy reports, as they have already identified the bodies of their loved ones.

Among those to be autopsied are Hollis Valdez and his wife Shereen Bailey-Valdez. The decomposing body of their killer, Franklin Abel Clement, has not been brought to the Forensic Science Centre as yet.

Valdez and his wife were found on the bedroom floor of their Rincon Road, Las Cuevas home on July 29. The lifeguards had recently rekindled their relationship after close to two months apart.

Clement, Bailey-Valdez’s part-time lover, killed the two and went into the forest at Rincon Village, where he is suspected to have died by suicide. His body was found three days later.


"Autopsies on Las Cuevas couple await covid test results"

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