NGC doing work on Wrightson Road

File photo/Jeff K Mayers
File photo/Jeff K Mayers

COMMUTERS on Wrightson Road will experience a disturbance in the flow of traffic as NGC is working on a pipeline on the road on Monday.

In a media release on Monday the National Gas Company of TT Limited (NGC) advised that it will extend construction works to divert a segment of its existing 16-inch low-pressure pipeline on Wrightson Road.

The work is expected to be done between 8 am on Monday and 4 am on Tuesday.

NGC said a traffic management plan will be put in place with the assistance of the police to ensure the project is carried out safely and that there is minimal inconvenience to the public.

When workers are on the western carriageway, the traffic will be diverted to the eastern carriageway and when workers are on the eastern carriageway, the traffic will be diverted to the west. NGC said there would be cones to separate the lanes and there will be advance signs and notices of the work being done.


"NGC doing work on Wrightson Road"

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