Highlight the scrap iron thefts, media

THE EDITOR: Theft of copper cables and “scrap iron” appears to be at an all-time high, as light poles around the country can attest. The police, being either unable or unwilling to deal with this scourge, have undoubtedly led to the country essentially being a “free-for-all” for these scrap iron thieves.

Social media is littered with reports of vandals now entering citizens’ yards and properties to cut cables leading to their homes, steal wires, fence posts, batteries or any “old metal” they deem fit. Energy infrastructure (eg Heritage, WASA) continues to be attacked and vandalised, and now even churches are not exempt. The homes of the elderly and differently-abled in our communities are also being targeted for these thefts.

This brazen pillaging of our country’s infrastructure has migrated from smaller villages to our cities (eg High Street, San Fernando, as observed on July 5). Of course, as if to insert a final exclamation point to the mockery of our ineffective law enforcement, there has been repeated thefts of cables immediately outside and in full view of several police stations in south and central Trinidad.

A most obvious question would then be why are the police unable to put any significant dent on this so-called “industry?” Why are they unresponsive when calls are made as these thefts occur (sometimes in broad daylight)? Lastly, how is it that this level of banditry can continue undermining our nation with little to no media coverage?

The irony of the whole situation is, of course, that we the taxpayers must again foot the bill for incompetence, whereby our property is being stolen without any assistance from the police, who we also fund to protect us and our country.

Since there has been relative inaction from those in authority to stem this wave of crime, I implore the media to continuously highlight this issue and put pressure on those who can enact change. Without more intervention, the hopelessness of our nation will continue to spiral.




"Highlight the scrap iron thefts, media"

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