Mayor looks forward to wrecker's return to Port of Spain

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PORT of Spain mayor Joel Martinez told Newsday on Thursday that the wrecker has not yet resumed in the capital city due to certain police concerns, but would do so in the future as he hailed its role in clearing the streets of congestion.

He recalled his promise in May that it would resume by June 21.

Martinez said the police had told him certain "logistical issues" were impeding the plan but he would get back in touch with them to find out what progress had been made.

"I know that it is a contentious issue to some extent, but the city is congested. There are excess vehicles all over the city, parking on both sides of the street.

"I have had too many calls from too many people asking me to resolve the issue."

Martinez said things were now at a stage where something ought to be done about it.

"We should really be talking parking meters. We should be talking the fact that the police are ticketing at the same time and use wreckers for a more surgical process."

He said the traffic police need to be visible and to unclog traffic congestion in the city, especially at problem spots such as Sackville Street.

"Then you also have vendors who turn up with vehicles, take up a parking spot and sell out of their vehicles on the streets."

He said he had met the business community on Wednesday, as he hoped both they and the city corporation would each do their bit against congestion.

"Let us work collaboratively to make Port of Spain a better city."

Martinez said if/when the wrecker returns he may offer them a base of operations at South Quay, as in the past drivers going to retrieve their cars had to face a journey to the Beetham Estate.

"The corporation has a car park opposite Cour's on South Quay. Use that as a base for now."

He said while some businesses dislike the wrecker as a possible deterrent to customers, conversely, too much congestion would also make people stay away from the city.

"I have to look after the overall aspect of the city, not just the business aspect."

He said at present the penalty for the wrecker was $500, and for a police ticket it was $2,000. Emphasising the need to clear the streets, he said, "The objective is not to make money."

Newsday tried to contact acting Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob but was unable to do so up until publication time.


"Mayor looks forward to wrecker’s return to Port of Spain"

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