Relatives seek help to bury Moruga man, 29

The Teesdale family of Samuel Cooper Trace in Moruga is seeking the public’s help to pay the funeral bill for a 29-year-old man suspected to have died by suicide.

The NGO Hunters Search and Rescue Team, led by captain Vallence Rambharat, found Jamiel Teesdale’s body near the family’s home on July 22.

The day before, relatives had attended the funeral of his grandfather Joseph Edwards, 82, who died on July 14.

Teesdale, a psychiatric outpatient, was last seen alive on July 16, and worried relatives reported him missing to the police.

His sister Jamelia Teesdale told Newsday the family does not have money to pay for his funeral.

"Our grandfather died from cancer, and we buried him on Thursday.

"The day after the funeral, we found Jamiel’s body. We do not know if he was taking on the death, but he did not say anything. We saw no signs of suicide from him," she said.

Teesdale’s death is the third in the year in the family. All three lived close together.

In January, his aunt, Edwards’ daughter, Allison Springer, 45, died of heart failure.

"No one was expecting her death, because she was not sick. It was sudden, and this family is very close. Grandpa and Aunty Allison were buried at Paynter Cemetery in Indian Walk, and we hope my brother would be buried there also," Jamelia said.

An autopsy on Teesdale's body is set to be done this week.

Anyone willing to help can send money to Jamelia Teesdale via her Scotiabank account at 40485 004030963.

Anyone who needs help can call Lifeline (24-hour hotline) at 800-5588, 231-2824 or 220-3636

In case of an emergency (attempted suicide), people can call 990, 811, or 999.


"Relatives seek help to bury Moruga man, 29"

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