VIDEO:100 stranded residents of Rincon Road beg for bridge


A close-knit community of approximately 100 people who live and farm off Rincon Road, Las Cuevas is cut off from the rest of the country whenever it rains heavily.

Picturesque with lush green trees, wild coffee, clear waters, friendly dogs and welcoming people, the residents of Texas Trace say they become stranded at their homes or outside after torrential rain which sometimes floods the river to over ten feet.

They say they are marooned for anywhere between three-four hours, but it could be longer. This was their experience on Friday after thundershowers swamped most of the country. Their plight has been left unfixed by politicians for more than two decades.

Read the full interview by Nicholas Maraj here.


"VIDEO:100 stranded residents of Rincon Road beg for bridge"

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