Tobago to the front

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine. Photo by David Reid
Chief Secretary Farley Augustine. Photo by David Reid

THE EDITOR: Once again, the Tobago House of Assembly under the PDP has moved ahead of Trinidad and Tobago when it comes to innovations in the monolithic police service.

I am specifically congratulating the Chief Secretary on the commissioning of 12 electric bikes for patrolling Tobago. It is indeed a novel innovation suited to the needs of the island and will definitely lower the carbon footprint.

It also seems aesthetic and will lend itself to the image of eco-friendly policing. No longer can the TTPS say it doesn’t have a vehicle. It has bikes and, lest we forget, it got a boat recently.

And while the TTPS in Trinidad fights with its internal processes, dashcams are going into effect on Tobago police vehicles to enhance surveillance efforts.

Even for an oldie like me, I would like to see the bikes in action. When I go to Tobago I hope I can rent one.

See, you don’t have to secede to succeed at seceding geopolitically.


St James


"Tobago to the front"

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