Government plans year-long 60th Independence anniversary bash

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PLANNING Minister Camille Robinson-Regis is heading a ministerial committee overseeing plans for the celebration of Trinidad and Tobago's 60th anniversary of Independence, said a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister on Wednesday.

The statement was headlined, Commemorative stamps and coin, concerts and plays amongst multiple activities planned for 60th Independence anniversary celebrations.

"Plans for a year-long celebration of this country’s 60th anniversary of Independence were presented to a ministerial oversight committee yesterday, as the Government moves to mark this Diamond Jubilee. Trinidad and Tobago achieved its independence on August 31st, 1962.

"Several ministries and statutory bodies have been planning assiduously to ensure that this momentous milestone is celebrated with all the pomp and splendour it deserves."

A working committee of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministries of Tourism, Culture and the Arts; Youth Development and National Service; Sport and Community Development; National Security and Foreign and Caricom Affairs, presented an outline for a year of a wide-ranging series of local and national events.

The celebrations will include national parades (Port of Spain and Scarborough); diplomatic events; nationwide cultural activities, competitions and caravans; youth-based activities; school-based competitions and activities; community-based activities, events, competitions; awards, dinners and ceremonies; television, radio and newspaper features and nationwide exhibitions.

"Among the events being planned are the launch of a national logo, 60th anniversary commemorative stamps and coin, national parades, gala concerts as well as other sporting and cultural events designed to showcase the multicultural, multi-ethnic, and truly cosmopolitan nature of TT. Care has also been taken to ensure that these activities are spread throughout TT.

"Speaking after yesterday’s meeting, the Honourable Camille Robinson-Regis who heads the ministerial committee noted that, “An initial, approved calendar of events encompassing national celebrations and events during the upcoming year, inclusive of the launch of the 60th anniversary theme and logo, will be shared with the public in the coming weeks and updates will continue to be shared across all available platforms.”

She said that while 60 years was still relatively young for any country, TT has achieved more than most in those 60 years, and that will be reflected in these events.

"There is already great anticipation within the national community for these diamond jubilee celebrations, and I am confident that as more details of the events are released, the national community will respond as we have always done, with pride in our achievements, and boundless faith in our destiny.”


"Government plans year-long 60th Independence anniversary bash"

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