Hurry up and get body cams working, Moonilal tells Jacob

McDonald Jacob
McDonald Jacob

DEPUTY Political Leader of the United National Congress (UNC) Dr Roodal Moonilal is calling on acting Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob to act quickly to ensure body cameras for police officers are operational and in use, as they could help clear his officers of any false accusations.

“Where we are right now, where people are being killed in circumstances where there are legitimate questions about the conduct of police officers, a bodycam will not only tell you the police was wrong, a bodycam will also tell you the police was right.”

On the UNC Virtual Report on Monday, Moonilal said in light of the fiery protest in Port of Spain one week ago over the killing of three young males, bodycams are critical to preserve evidence, successfully prosecute, and reduce liability to the State. There is some confusion regarding the body cameras to aid officers in the capture of audio and video while on duty.

He also chastised National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, whom he rechristened “Failed Gerald Hinds,” accusing him of poor management of his ministry.

He repeated his question posed to Hinds in the Parliament last week, asking when will he resign since he has failed to manage the country’s national security.

“What are you wating on Hinds? For Belgrove’s, Boodoo’s (two funeral homes) to carry you out?”

Referring to the non-implementation of the use of body cameras, he said, “Nowhere can you find a more shocking example of incompetence, wilful neglect, and a cock-and-bull story to go with it.

“They have 1,600 bodycams that (former CoP) Gary Griffith ordered and procured, and when they come here they say they don’t have chargers.

“If you cannot get 1,600 body cams to work you should be fired.”


"Hurry up and get body cams working, Moonilal tells Jacob"

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