10 tips for job hunters from a HR professional

Akeem Branford master resume writer/HR professional -
Akeem Branford master resume writer/HR professional -


The job market in TT has been a hot topic as of late for so many reasons.

Whilst we have been hearing a lot of negatives, I recently spoke with 15-year HR professional and master resume writer Akeem Branford about what can people looking for jobs do to increase their employability both in the local and international market.

The conversation was fruitful and even gave me some great insights for my professional career. The opportunities are there, there is no scarcity of jobs anymore when you factor in the boom of remote work and platforms that allow you to network with companies around the world that are looking to import talent.

If we want a better outcome for our professional careers, we need to understand that the world of work has evolved and we must evolve with it to create our opportunities. Whether we are fresh out of school or making a career change, these tips will help us.

Here are 10 tips to help you land your next job by Akeem Branford.

Five resume and interview do's

1. Always walk with a copy of your resume to the interview for easy reference.

2. Make sure you label yourself as the "ideal hire" – this is done through clear articulation of technical ability and experience. (This is done in the resume and the interview)

3. Dress for the role – as if it were your first day of work.

4. Make sure your resume reflects the quality of work you can produce – so your resume must show MS Office sophistication.

5. Go the extra mile, don't just regurgitate the company's online footprint in the interview. Dig deep research the company and show strong interest in the role during the interview.

Bonus tip: Hire a master resume writer to help you prepare for this tough job market with a quality resume and interview coaching.

Here are five don'ts for resumes and interviews

1. Do not get too comfortable during the interview and be too informal. Be careful of your English and communication.

2. Do not "bad talk" your previous employer – this will almost always come back to haunt you.

3. Do not use template resumes. The goal is to stand out and a template defeats that purpose – however, if you wish to use a template, make it your own.

4. Do not wear super bright colours or distracting outfits to an interview. The goal is to be taken seriously for the skills and value you bring to the table – a distracting outfit can distract and derail your attempt to land the role. Keep it simple.

5. Do not lie or over-embellish on your resume – this is a sure way to embarrass yourself in the worse way. Experienced professionals can decipher this quickly.

Those are some great tips from Akeem and you can connect with Akeem Branford over on LinkedIn or visit his website BranforHRS.com if you need further help in landing your next job.

I cannot stress the importance of having a presence over on LinkedIn now because it is the #number one platform that businesses and HR teams around the globe are using to find candidates.

Corporate TT is also leveraging LinkedIn more than ever before to find their candidates, post jobs and engage with potential new hires.

It’s the only platform in the world where you can type in the name of the company and get in contact with the decision-makers in a company directly.

If you are someone looking to break into a field, regardless of the country, I would jump on LinkedIn and start networking with those in the industry I want to be in. Build relationships and also find out if you can intern or job shadow at these companies. That will go a long way in getting practical experience but also getting to know some of the organisations you want to work with.

The world of work has evolved, there are new industries that are blowing up, new skills that are in demand and we are no longer limited to the job market in just one country.

If you need assistance in building or optimising your LinkedIn profile, you can work with a LinkedIn coach like Jarrod Best-Mitchell who can be found on all social media platforms via Google.

I hope these tips serve you well as you enter the job market for the first time or look to make the necessary career change.


"10 tips for job hunters from a HR professional"

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