Excellent service at ministry

Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs Dr Amery Browne. Photo by Jeff Mayers
Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs Dr Amery Browne. Photo by Jeff Mayers

THE EDITOR: I highlight the excellent service provided at the Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs on Prada Street, Port of Spain.

From the moment one enters the compound, security is alert and courteous with covid19 protocols and parking. Once inside at the desk, the receptionist, Suzette Petioni, is in charge. With utmost respect and a pleasant attitude she quickly attends to visitors, ensuring that the correct documents are delivered.

For the past 18 months, my job has led me to utilise the services of the apostille stamp department twice or three times a week. There were times I would encounter situations with the documents submitted and once in a while there would be an emergency. However, each time I have been met with professionalism and pleasant service at this ministry.

If needed Vydia Amitchand or Haseeb Mohammed would personally come to your aid, patiently listening to your concerns. You are assured that your request is taken seriously. Also, the latest addition to the department, Ms Agard, is very diligent and goes above and beyond to render assistance.

A very special service extended by this ministry is a call to let you know that your document is ready. Once you are informed of your pick-up day, the documents will be waiting for collection. This takes away a lot of stress and anxiety from the client.

Society tends to name and shame people publicly when wrongs are committed, but I applaud these employees for their dedicated service. Thanks to all you employees at this office and congratulations on your excellent service.


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"Excellent service at ministry"

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