Duke: Killing of black youths must stop

PDP political leader Watson Duke -
PDP political leader Watson Duke -

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) leader Watson Duke has called for the killing of black youths to stop.

Duke was speaking in a Facebook live video on Monday after fiery protests disrupted traffic and work in several areas around Port of Spain.

Angry residents of East Port of Spain were protesting the police killing of two 17 years olds and a 21-year-old in a car near Independence Square early Saturday morning. Residents claimed the three were innocent and denied allegations that they shot at police.

The three were among six occupants of a car which was allegedly involved in a high-speed chase and confrontation with police after a party in Cocorite.

Apart from the police-involved killings, there were over ten murders over the weekend, including a gruesome quadruple murder in Maracas.

Duke said his heart is troubled by what has happened over the weekend.

"The killing of the black youth, it has to stop. It must stop, it got to stop, it got to stop now.

"Twenty persons being killed – doesn't matter who stands behind the gun. Whether it's another black man who considers himself a gangster, or the police who considers himself enforcers. It doesn't matter who.

"The killing of the young people is interfering with the future generations. We have to put it to an end. We have to draw the line."

Duke said the spate of violence must not be normalised.

"Every time I look at Instagram, TikTok and I see the level of violence perpetrated against the youths, I cringe."

Duke said he intends to meet the families who have suffered tragic losses due to the violence to try to end the cycle.

"I intend to hit the ground on Thursday, Friday, Saturday...Speak to some of these people who are hurting and thinking about retaliating."

Duke said a reshaping of the minds of youths is needed.

"We must make a daring attempt to re-educate our youths and to guide them, and we the society must protect them. We must protect them from an untimely death."

Duke also criticised the Prime Minister for his recent official trips to California (Summit of the Americas) and Suriname (Caricom Heads of Government meeting). Food security and energy were high on the agenda at the latter meeting.

Duke said, "The Prime Minister is jetting off, enjoying life – best of healthcare, best of personal protection. He could hardly care less about anyone."


"Duke: Killing of black youths must stop"

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