Trinidad – a beautiful, unique place

THE EDITOR: It is my pleasure to identify the really wonderful aspects of Trinidad that exist in this global space – our food, culture, flora and fauna, and of course the people.

Trinidad, although a rather difficult place to govern, projects a uniqueness that is rather beautiful. Its people generally love life so they love to have a good time.

Our food is a mixture of cultures, creating a blend of Indian, African, Creole, Chinese and Spanish cuisine. At Christmas there are pastelles, wild meat, sorrel, ponche creme and bush rum. What a unique blend.

Our Carnival is a showcase of colour, pan, calypso, soca and gay abandon. The freedom that exists at this time is a reflection of happiness and ecstacy.

Our steel pan has a unique sound that blends with all the other musical instruments. Panorama is a festival that caters for pan supremacy, with days and nights preparing a Panorama piece for the Big Yard. Our players, at least most of them, although not musically trained tell stories that can cause you to breakaway.

We have floral expressions and vegetation that breathe a yearning for more, our aviary collection is a perfect blend of Mother Nature. Chaguaramas is the most beautiful section of the island, the air is cleaner and different, plus the greenery is breathtaking indeed.

The people are generally friendly, curious, fun-loving, humorous and creative. We love an ole talk. Gossip is a way of life which sometimes puts us into trouble; but we nice.




"Trinidad – a beautiful, unique place"

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