Venezuelan shot chasing armed bandits dies at hospital


The Venezuelan robbery victim who was shot on Saturday while going after the culprits has died.

Labourer Andres David Lopez, 24, who lived at New Grant, died at the San Fernando General Hospital on Thursday afternoon.

A 17-year-old boy from Erin was held and remained in police custody up to Friday.

The police said Lopez and another man were buying food at a burger and gyro cart in a carpark at the Naparima Mayaro Road in Princes Town.

Two gunmen approached the owners, a married couple, and announced a robbery.

One of the men hit the male owner with the gunbutt and stole cash and a cellphone.

The gunmen also robbed Lopez and the other customer of cash, cellphones, and other personal belongings.

The criminals ran off, and Lopez chased them. One of the gunmen shot him in the head and continued running.

Lopez collapsed and was taken to the Princes Town District Health Facility, then transferred to the hospital.

Princes Town and other Southern Division police responded, and held the teenager in the area.

Venezuela media outlet Tane Tanae Noticias reported that Lopez’s family is from Palo Blanco in Tucupita.


"Venezuelan shot chasing armed bandits dies at hospital"

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