Renovations at Little Tobago almost complete

Renovations at the Little Tobago Jetty. - DIQUD
Renovations at the Little Tobago Jetty. - DIQUD

Come August, bird enthusiasts, tour operators and explorers can again settle in to their favourite haven as renovations on the temporary jetty facility at Little Tobago Bird Sanctuary is approximately 80 per cent complete. The Division of Quarries, Infrastructure and Urban Development said the contractor, Mackrill and Associates Ltd, is working assiduously to deliver the project by the end of July.

The division said that in keeping with the aesthetics, the new design features a timber landing and vessel fendering system using greenheart wood; safety ladders for access from sea level to jetty deck; safety handrails and lifesaving rings with 200 feet of lanyard; and illuminated solar-powered light fixtures. The jetty spans approximately 70 feet in length.

Overall, the plan has also seen the rehabilitation of the beach facility and the main building by the DIQUD's buildings maintenance team, Roxborough district. Currently, the rehabilitation of the iconic gazebo perched at the crown of the island and the installation of a rope rail along the trail are under way. A new pagoda will also complement the space, but the work will not be complete without the rehabilitation of the Speyside Jetty, which is next in line.

These upgrades became necessary to provide easily accessible and safer access points to the island; and an enhanced leisure experience.

The DIQUD expressed gratitude to all affected stakeholders for their patience and understanding and said it looks forward to welcoming back all to the Little Tobago Bird Sanctuary.


"Renovations at Little Tobago almost complete"

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