Diabetic amputee received no help after appeal

Pundit Mehindra Rambally at his Cunupia home in January. - File photo/Angelo Marcelle
Pundit Mehindra Rambally at his Cunupia home in January. - File photo/Angelo Marcelle


Mehindra Rambally of Elliot Trace, Madras Road, Cunupia has been asking the public for financial assistance with his medical bills since January, but, so far, no one responded.

He said no one has called or reached out to him through a Facebook post made by his friend. Aside from financial help, Rambally has also been asking for a new bed frame, since his has been broken for months now. The 51-year-old called MP for Caroni East Rishard Seecharan to get one, but Seecharan did not respond.

He said the last time he heard from him was when his left leg was amputated.

He added that he contacted councillor for Cunupia Richard Sukdeo last week, but got no response. He is still grateful that Sukdeo constructed the concrete wheelchair ramp at the front of his home so he can move about with no problem.

Rambally faced the same result when he contacted the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Newsday contacted Minister of Social
Development and Family Services Donna Cox, who said Rambally was advised to visit the Social Welfare Office to determine if he is eligible for food support and for the sanitary plumbing assistance grant from the National Social Development Programme.

He said after Newsday reported on him two weeks ago, Facebook comments labelling him a "racist" came rushing in. But he said he "never meant to offend anyone" with social media posts he made that emerged in 2016.

Last Thursday, Rambally told Newsday in a phone interview that in 2011 he was robbed and assaulted by four men of African descent. After receiving no help from the authorities, he started using social media as an outlet.

"I just want people to know I am not a racist. The robbery and assault that took place had me in a very difficult situation.

"If people want to help, I appreciate it and if not, I can understand their hatred for me."

In September 2020, Rambally's leg was amputated after a cut became infected while he was cleaning his home after floods in August that year.

Xtra Foods provided him with a wheelchair so he could get around easily. A temple group of the Devi Mandir in Charlieville also helped by collecting donations, acquiring $40,000 for a prosthetic leg. Rambally expressed his gratitude for it, but was unable to use the prosthetic leg, as he suffered a stroke in 2021 that affected his speech and balance.

On Tuesday, he said he had visited his doctor and was told his situation is improving, but without therapy, he will not be able to use the prosthetic leg, since he would not be able to maintain his balance.

Though Rambally gets some medication through the Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP), he still needs to find a way to pay for doctor's visits, therapy, drugs that are not CDAP-covered, adult diapers and diabetic blood test strips.

"I cannot afford those, because it's expensive. That's why the little donations would help with that and for therapy."

How to help: Anyone who would like to help Mehindra Rambally can call him at 346-7358


"Diabetic amputee received no help after appeal"

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