Trinidad and Tobago crying for good old days

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THE EDITOR: Trinidad and Tobago became independent from Britain in 1962 and the various governments and oppositions since are still disrespecting each other daily in the media and in Parliament. We did not elect our ministers to be crude; we expect that their job is to run the country efficiently.

With what the newspapers and television report and the world reads, no international company is going to open a factory, hire locals or invest money in our country with the crude behaviour taking place.

Our national anthem says that "here every creed and race finds an equal place," but the front pages of the newspapers say many murders are occurring daily in the country. So terrible is the situation that TT is rated as one of the most dangerous places on Earth to visit.

Governments past and present are responsible for making the masses believe they are entitled, giving them generous handouts in the years when our country’s wealth from high oil and gas prices could have been used to invest for the future of the country.

All citizens should have been encouraged to study, work hard, buy a house, and by example teach only good principles to their children.

Two years ago the covid19 pandemic caused many local businesses to close and people to work from home using their personal computers. All over the world and right here employees can work from home.

This leaves the uneducated out of the loop, but even before that they had already turned to crime, now they are killing each other. Many boys are without father figures, mothers are crudely bad-talking other women, and rape and abuse are in our childcare homes.

TT, where do we go from here? Our islands are crying out for the good old days when a respectable neighbourhood looked out for all its children.


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"Trinidad and Tobago crying for good old days"

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