CoP disputes police kicked man in head at QPS event

Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob. - Photo by Darren Bahaw
Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob. - Photo by Darren Bahaw

ACTING Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob has disputed reports and a video which suggest police kicked a man multiple times in the head at the Jam Nkd event on June 16 at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

At a Ministry of National Security press conference on Friday, Jacob said based on his information, the man, who is a soldier, was struck on the shoulder.

“I wish to rebut the 'repeated kicks in the head' (comments). From our information, the person was struck, in some instances, on the shoulder. The medical (report)is there.

"So I would not want to endorse the use of the word ‘repeatedly.” I don’t know why we want to accelerate things and put things in that context.”

But a 19-second video of the incident on social media showed police engaging two men who they initially claimed were suspects in several break-ins of parked vehicles at the event.

The officers were then seen using pepper spray on the men. One man was pepper-sprayed, kicked in the leg as he rubbed his eyes, body-slammed and then kicked twice in the head while on the ground.

At the same time, another man was held in a choke-hold as he scuffled with police and was eventually subdued.

Jacob was responding to a question on the status of an investigation launched by the police Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) and complaint division into what was described as the excessive force police used to restrain the men.

A police report said between 6.45 am and 7.30 am the soldier, who is from Morvant, became aggressive and spat in the face of an officer while police were speaking to him as he tried to enter the event with his electronic ticket.

Inter Agency Task Force officers were called in and the soldier's friend ran toward them, kicking one of the officers.

Director of the Police Complaints Authority David West said the PCA was also investigating. He could not be reached for comment on Friday.

The Prime Minister, who is overseas, has reportedly asked National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds for a report on the incident,


"CoP disputes police kicked man in head at QPS event"

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