Water truly more than flour in TT

Packs of flour on a shelf at a supermarket in San Juan. Photo by Sureash Cholai
Packs of flour on a shelf at a supermarket in San Juan. Photo by Sureash Cholai

THE EDITOR: The increase by 33 per cent, in the price of NFM flour, will impact the cost of food and the quality of life for many in the country.

Most, if not all basic food items consumed in this country, has flour as part of its ingredient, therefore, the impact of this price increase will be felt by thousands especially those in the lower income bracket.

Those who are very health conscious may say this price rise won't impact them and in fact, ought to push people to eat better. However, the reality is, the majority of people consume flour in some form or the other.

The impact could also be felt in the business community especially in community-based business which may have to close when customers stop purchasing food because of food price increases which is the inevitable outcome of the increase in the price of flour.

This means unemployment for those in the food industry.

What is also very painful is that non-flour food items have also increased. It is costing more to put food on the family kitchen table.

With every passing day, eating in TT is becoming an expensive undertaking. Spare a thought for those who are unemployed or who are on basic minimum wage with several mouths to feed.

The writing in terms of food costs has been on the wall for several years, as it is a well-known fact that TT's annual food import bill is over a billion dollars. What then, have successive governments done to ensure TT's food security?

Have we fully utilised our agricultural potential and if not, why not? As the prospect of high food prices and perhaps food shortages loom, local businesses and the financial institutions must look at the bigger picture – people are suffering. It can't only be about maximising profits to the detriment of society.

When last have businessmen given a salary increase to employees? It can no longer be just about profit margins.


San Juan


"Water truly more than flour in TT"

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