Deafening silence over noise

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THE EDITOR: Barely a month after the May 14 fete at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba, which kept many people sleepless for hours, the situation repeated itself on June 20, starting at 3 am.

How could nothing have been done about this despite public outrage after the first fete?

More importantly, what is the use of having an EMA and a police service if both are unable or unwilling to enforce laws so taxpayers who pay them their salaries can sleep in peace?

Did the EMA approve the fete starting at 3 am? If not, why did police allow it to take place? Why didn’t the police shut down the event, since it exceeded safe sound levels?

If they can't do their jobs properly, the Finance Minister should reduce money allocated to both of these entities in the next budget.

Ultimately, the blame rests with Udecott, which manages the cricket academy. After the May 14 fete, Udecott released a lame PR statement stating all regulatory approvals were issued etc, completely omitting to put that they knew the fete started at 3 am! Legally right is not morally right, and heads must roll at Udecott.

Let's not forget this academy cost $1 billion and after that huge expense, is it that all we can do is rent it out for fetes?

Also, two men were shot dead after leaving the June 20 fete and a massive traffic jam ensued, so the negative effects went far beyond the noise pollution.

The key question is, why can other countries deal with noise pollution but TT can’t? It seems that square pegs in round holes, incompetence, and lack of consequence for actions are the answers.


San Fernando


"Deafening silence over noise"

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