We need Test cricket once more in Trinidad and Tobago

File photo by Sureash Cholai.
File photo by Sureash Cholai.

THE EDITOR: Trinidadians are rabid, one might even say fanatical, lovers of cricket. We also have in this country the necessary expertise, coupled with the very best cricket ground in the West Indies and one of the best in the world – the Queen’s Park Oval.

That being said, the fans have not seen Test cricket in this country for many years. Why this punishment? Is the Government responsible? Is somebody insisting that Tests must be played at the government ground, the Brian Lara Cricket Academy?

The fact is it is unsuitable for Test cricket as it is built on "zapote clay" and unless extensive, remedial, geotechnical work is undertaken, cracks are likely to appear in the dry season. In addition, its location is problematic and because of this it will never be able to draw the tremendous crowds that were seen at the Oval.

This unnecessary punishment is more keenly felt when we see Test cricket being played in Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica, etc but for us in TT there is nothing.

Even with the relentless incompetence that we see every day, the murders, the other crimes and the escalating violence, the people have remained quiescent, but it cannot last, we are in need of relief.

Election time will soon be here and the parties will be looking for talking points to boost their chances, since they are all equally feckless. Any party that says "we will bring Test cricket back to TT" is going to get my vote.




"We need Test cricket once more in Trinidad and Tobago"

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