Come down from there, Al-Rawi

Local Government Minister Faris Al-Rawi's - Angelo Marcelle
Local Government Minister Faris Al-Rawi's - Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: Rural Development and Local Government Minister Faris Al-Rawi's latest PR trick is another example of PNM encouraging ignorance over proper political education.

Does it feel good to see a minister doing the hard work? Yes of course, but he is not paid to do that.

While this task is very neccessary, he is paid to get it done, not do it himself. His time, which costs taxpayers lots of money by the hour, is to be used to create proper policies inside of local government, not become a bush wacker.

He should therefore be taking his time to understand the challenges inside his ministry. He should be using his brain power to understand where the bottlenecks lie. Where unnecessary red tape is slowing down the efficiency of his ministry. How he can ensure goods and services are delivered effectively.

He should be meeting with the Minister of Finance to figure out why four backhoes at the Diego Martin Regional Corporation are not working.

Please citizens, don't fall for political gimmicks. It is time we as a people are truly empowered. Proper understanding of the Government's structure will ensure men who are paid $45,000 a month aren't doing the job of someone who needs the $2,000 a month.

And to the propaganda spreaders, no, Kamla Persad-Bissessar walking through flood waters is not the same thing. In times of emergency we most certainly expect our MPs to be out there lending a hand, but this was not an emergency. Al-Rawi had more than enough time to plan and for someone else to cut the bush.


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"Come down from there, Al-Rawi"

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