People want full disclosure on OAS contract

Minister of Energy Stuart Young. File photo/Ayanna Kinsale
Minister of Energy Stuart Young. File photo/Ayanna Kinsale

THE EDITOR: The past week as per usual, the intelligent citizens of this country were privy to a wealth of information on a series of topics, thanks to the media that I must always commend.

There was the TSTT restructuring exercise and the Minister of Energy having to send out press releases correcting misinformation coming from his colleagues on the other side. It seems he has to do this almost daily.

Nonetheless a lot of interesting topics came up for discussion. Another significant one being the “slave master’s name” utterance.

However, today my interest is more on a situation that has cost this country over $800 million – $852 million actually. I refer to the OAS highway project and the contract that has many questions surrounding it but answers seem not to be coming.

While the people of this country appreciate all the information being circulated on current affairs, there is no doubt that they, like me, would like the following questions answered from those responsible:

1. By what process, advice and documentation was it determined that the billion-dollar contract must be amended to grant an $852 million waiver to OAS?

2. Who authorised the amendment of the contract?

3. What was the specific purpose and benefit to be had?

4. Who actually carried out the instructions?

5. What was the role of the Ministry of Works and Transport, the board of Nidco, the consultant and the management in effecting the amendment and its consequential waiver?

The people have a right to know if the questions have validity and, if they do, why are the answers not forthcoming, especially when the process was done the last working day before a general election. We await full disclosure.


San Fernando


"People want full disclosure on OAS contract"

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